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Is silicone bad for the penis

Is silicone bad for the penis

Hello everybody!

I’m kornhollio, first of all I’m a Spanish speaker so sorry for my bad English (my mother taught me :P).

My question comes because I bought a pump whose diameter is 3 inches, so I decided to reduce the size using silicone (the white one), mainly because of fear to suffer an hernia and secondly my girth compared to the cylinder (4.72 inches, 12 cm EG).

Is it dangerous for the penis to make contact with this substance? Some say is innocuous some say Is dangerous, what do you think? Has anyone tried that?

It is only dangerous when it’s injected into the body. I know that might sound strange, but people actually do it. Fully cured and used externally, it poses no hazard.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thank you for your answer, my fix to the tube works perfectly. I am paranoid to all about concerning to my penis.


I know the FDA removed silicone breast implants from the market (but now they are allowed again) because of some fears about cancer I think but thats definitely not an issue when you are making contact with it like that when it has set. They even make silicone lubricant for sex so I don’t know in what forms it is dangerous but gprent sounds right :-)

It would be good for silicone to be hypoallergenic, just to be on the safe side.

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There are different grades of silicone, even food-grade. If it’s been well-cured (completely set) I doubt there’d be any problems. I’m using the TLC-tugger and your-skin cone for foreskin restoration and use them pretty much 24/7 and they’re pure silicone.

BTW it seems that your English is pretty darn good!!

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Hernia from a pump?

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Yeah I know what he meant. I was just talking generally. Thats basically what I said

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