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Is resting essential to gains


Is resting essential to gains

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to thank all of you for the incredible amount of knowledge and insight into the world of PE that has been collected over the years on this website. A great deal of the information here I have found to be incredibly insightful.

I have been doing PE on and off for close to 8 months fairly regularly, but have only recently started to begin a scheduled routine. I believe I have gained at least 1/4” from the what I have done so far, but I can’t be certain if that’s accurate because I failed to take proper measurements wen I first began.

My routine consists mainly of intense manual stretching for around 30 minutes followed by around 5-10 minutes of jelqs. I have really began to feel the pull on my ligaments during the past couple of days, and I was wondering if it is essential to rest in order to acquire gains? I have some minor discoloration around the glands, but I tend to hot wrap afterward and the majority of them disappear by my next session.

Thanks again everyone for your threads (past and present), and for any insight into my query.


I’m no master at PE but I know for a fact that UFC fighters and body builders need rest as it gives them time for their body to recover.

If you over work your gains won’t be as effective and eventually you will lose motivation.

PE activities put a tremendous amount of stress on the tissue that comprises the penis. The physiology improves, strengthens, and increases in size in order to protect itself from the stress. The only way it can accomplish this improvement is for the stress to be removed to allow the health of the organ to return. Constant stress or daily stress puts the penis in a state of survival and ultimately deterioration in terms of healthful functioning. So, it is imperative that rest periods are taken, your erection cannot achieve maximal size in a stressed condition. People here will comment that they have lost size, in actuality, the health of their penis is low and residual trauma in the loins is resulting in a smaller than normal erection. Rest is critical for the blood carrying tissue to widen and regain health, as well as the chambers and ligatures to relax and rebuild health.

“Is resting essential to gains”

Is sleep essential for your wellbeing?

regards, mgus

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Thank you everyone for your help. You made very valid points. I guess I just thought that stretching the ligaments constantly would end up in greater gains, but I failed to realize the amount of stress put on the rest of the tissues.

On that note I suppose I’ll give it a couple of days rest.

Thanks again,

Originally Posted by mgus

Is sleep essential for your wellbeing?

Not if you’re a zombie. :)

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Originally Posted by Tossed Salad
Not if you’re a zombie. :)

Zombies doing PE.. That’s pretty scary!

Originally Posted by dork0900
Zombies doing PE.. That’s pretty scary!

What about zombie sex? :eek:

Would they need lube?

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

I think so, some would disagree though.

Some of the hangers may disagree.

Well when the Egyptians mummified people they used lots of different types of oil to preserve the body so I doubt that lube would be necessary.

It really depends on the type of exercises that you’re doing. Most of the hardcore exercises need rest such as a 2 days on 1 day off schedule. Lighter exercises don’t need as much rest. Also, if you wear an All-Day Stretcher, you probably won’t take many rests with that. In fact, you would want to wear it as much as physically possible. So there really isn’t an answer across the board, but the concept of giving yourself a rest is legitimate. It would be nice to have the question in context though! What exercises do you do or plan on doing?


Thanks matutinal_euphony,

I do manual stretches in all directions, but they mainly consist of downward angles because my LOT is right around 9 o’clock. This I typically do from anywhere from 20-40minutes depending on level of fatigue and how much blood flow I have. Then I usually jelq for a bit to get the blood flowing again, and depending on the day I will do a 5-10 dry jelqing routine. I sometimes take a hot shower or use a hot wrap afterward.

Rest is essential to anything.

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I havent gained for a while so I can’t comment on that. One thing for sure is that rest is essential for good EQ. If you beat your buddy down, he will not go up.

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