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Is resting essential to gains


I’m 21. Getting it up is not the issue, but keeping it down tends to be a problem.

You call it a problem? Wait when you are 50.

As far as I know, hangers prefer not to rest.

Hangers prefer not to rest?? That’s a good one, ultra marathon runners, also, prefer not to rest. Just like the Forest Gump footage but the day finally dawns where a man just has to rest; even God rested on the seventh day….my my…rest is good.

I think rest is an essential part of growth, I can tell you that on days that I have a good PE session, my erections are not as hard as id like them to be, and I have trouble maintaining them, but the day after they are always hard as concrete, especially in the morning.

Rest is key.

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Some people have gone on long PE breaks and have actually grown during them due to the rest I believe.

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Originally Posted by dork0900

Zombies doing PE.. That’s pretty scary!

October 2004 - and this is your first post. I guess it really was a scary thought :)

regards, mgus

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