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Is Pomegranate potent and have I been using it "wrong"?

Is Pomegranate potent and have I been using it "wrong"?

I always have a carton of pomegranate juice in the refrigerator, when I move to my own place, I will probably have 7; one for each day of the week.

Each morning I take a couple of sips of (can’t remember the name) 56% Pomegranate juice. And I haven’t really noticed any difference. Yesterday, I gulped down about a litre of it. When I came home in the evening and started touching my GF, I had a raging boner, I stood up, and still hade it, we were in the shower, still hard, standing up, hard. Rock hard morning wood for A Long time.

Now I can’t look away from the fact that I have been away for a week not seeing her, but I have been jacking of almost each day. And I normally can’t retain a great hard-on standing up.

Now I know about one billion factors play in, and this was only one time, but what are your experiences with pomegranate?

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I don’t know what you are trying to achieve with pomegranate.. But one thing I know is that pomegranate juice is nothing like the real fruit. It doesn’t even taste like the fruit, more like cherry or blueberry.

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From what I can surmise pomegranate has a similar affect to something like L-glutamine or L-tyrosine in that it helps transport oxygen around the body. Muscles need oxygen to function, the dick is a muscle..

I use L-glute and L-ty and can say they both have been effective in aiding me to gain larger muscle mass. I also have fresh fruit and veg juices sometime and can certainly attest to feeling more energized after having one. However I don’t specifically take pomegranate juice so can’t really say much on that matter. Probably better to juice the raw product but there is the added cost of needing a juicer first and having to do all the bloody washing up that comes with it lol.

I’m trying to achieve *drumroll* Better Erections!

What I, at least thought, I noticed now was a direct effect from drinking a litre 54% pome-juice with pulsating hard-on and long lasting morning wood. Better than in I while. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

Has been: 6.4 x 4.7 (16.3 x 12cm)

Is : 6,9 x 4.7 (17.7 x 12cm)

WILL BE : 7 x 4,8 (17,8 x 12.2cm)

Well lightning doesn’t strike twice man. Maybe you should give it another go and see if anything similar happens. Sounds a bit costly to be drinking a whole carton a day, but if it works it would be pretty useful knowledge to have in your repertoire say if you knew there was a time when you really wanted to impress you know.

Pom juice is a large source of L-Arginine, which increases vascularity and blood flow through nitric oxide, and is a popular ingredient in pre-workout bodybuilding supplements for increased blood flow and a muscle pump affect. Similarly, it also benefits your erections.

The juice has multiple health benefits but if you’re going for the l-arginine you’re probably better off just buying some of it in pill or powder form. You could also buy a Pomegranate Extract pill or something similar.

Also, I know from the body building point of view your body gets used to increased arginine pretty fast and it looses it’s effectiveness so you somewhat mini-cycle it, only use a nitric oxide pre-workout supp with a mega-dose of arginine like 4 times a week max.

It’s a lot cheaper to buy Arginine Ethyl Ester HCL, a jar goes a long way, pomegranate juice is expensive and you only get a few goes out of it.

I started out with the Pomegranite juice and then once I realized my house always has a few actual pomegranates (the fruit) around, I started snacking on it and its not only delicious, but supposedly helping my blood flow.

So realize its not going to give you magical erections, but it will help a little. You are better off getting the powder though, L-ARG powder. But i’m not saying stop drinking the Juice. I encourage it and the eating of the delicious fruit as well. Damn. I’m craving one now…

regards, mgus

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