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Is penis size random?


Originally Posted by SteadyGains
I think one thing to consider is that most all doctors believe that you can positively affect penis size during puberty with topical testosterone cream.

I know many of my friends the spent their puberty play sports, working out etc (both natural testosterone increasers) had larger than average sized penises. (Anecdotally speaking) They may be some correlation.

It could be that having a larger penis gives better self confidence, which is needed to go out for school sports.

Originally Posted by jGman
There’s the fatal flaw in your reasoning. If penis size was really that important, by now, we’d all have 8-inch penises. Anything smaller would have long ago been eliminated from your ‘evolutionary perspective.’ And being that that size is still a very small percentage of the whole, shows it really makes no difference.

There is far too much randomness in any aspect of human appearance to be able to focus on one part of the human body and to say that that part is the main reason for mating. Besides, appearance is fleeting, and has always taken a back seat to the mental aspect of mating. No matter how ‘perfect’ someone is physically (and if you ask 10 people what’s ‘perfect’, you’ll probably get 10 different answers) if you’re not mentally compatible, the mating will not last very long.

So, yes, penis size is random, just like all other aspects of the human animal. And that randomness is not a curse, but a very important part of our development as a species.

Well, also, how is a chick supposed to know who has the biggest dick, in order to mate with him? …unless you’re nudists, of course.

I mean, even if women did seek to breed with big dicked men, they’d have to fuck a lot of guys to make sure they had the biggest. This would increase the chance of unwanted, little dick pregnancy, thus spoiling the natural selection of bigger dicks.

Originally Posted by tamegomaith
I cannot find any empirical evidence supporting the claim that humans can be “bred” for certain characteristics in the same way horses or any other animal or plant can. However, I am open to being persuaded if indeed evidence (facts) can be demonstrated.

Regarding lifestyle, if one were to measure the penis’ of young males, say, who played rugby from ten years of age to eighteen years of age, and compared this group to a group of young males in the same age range who didn’t engage in sports, then that could demonstrate statistically if there indeed is a causal relationship between sport and penis size. Of course one would need a third control group of random young males as a statistical comparison.

Anecdotally, I’m sure we could all find examples from either side of the lifestyle spectrum. For example, the largest erect penis I’ve ever seen in person belonged to a friend who did no sports whatsoever. The smallest erect penis I’ve ever seen in person belong to a rugby front row prop who had been active in sport since a young age.

That said, we are all on this site for a reason, and until scientists can isolate and manipulate the gene for penis size, we’re all doing the best we can with the P.E. knowledge we have acquired.

It is a certainty that humans could be bred , like any other animal. The thing is, it can not and will not happen naturally because of the way we breed and the reasons we choose our mates, as I said in my first post. But any living creature can be bred for certain traits. We are not special, just vain enough to think we are.

Originally Posted by cheeva
Humans don’t have any special status as organism aside from a (legitimate, I believe) cultural bias against it that precludes selective breeding. Evidence of the effects of semi-selective breeding can be found in (a) hemophilia in royal families due to excessive inbreeding (an undesirable trait, granted, but proof of selection nonetheless); (b) Ethnicities and “hybrid vigor”: “races” remain “pure” due to selective breeding only with similar phenotypes, thus preserving traits like blue eyes and lack of melanin—both recessive genes that are suppressed by breeding with someone “of color” (possessing melanin), or brown eyes (dominant genes.) Hybrid vigor also holds for humans as with other organisms. That is to say, the offspring of parents with widely divergent phenotypes tend to have the best traits of both parents, and be more vigorous (assuming of course that both parents are healthy specimens.) Humans generally practice “selective” breeding by choosing their mates (or having their mates chosen for them by their parents.)

Apparently there is some truth to the argument that female humans have selected for larger penesis, since do we have very large genetalia for primates (that is, averaging between 5 and 7 inches.)

Good post, but human females are deeper than other primates. That is a trait we share with aquatic mamals, along with fat insulation, and a few other traits. It doesn’t, in any way appear to have developed as an attempt to find an oversized penis, because the vagina is proportional.

Originally Posted by bubba77
You can’t be serious.

I didn’t mean it in a “god is smiting me!” sort of way…

Yeah perhaps it was a crazy theory, sounded better in my head.

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Originally Posted by nickymdh
Part 1: The idea

Penis size is also important from an evolutionary perspective. Women like a big penis, no doubt.
More length = more chance of pregnancy. More girth = wider vagina = easier for the baby to come out.
(To be honest this is quite bizarre when I see it written down, input welcome).

Not necessarily. Pregnancy is independent of penis length. Sperms are good swimmers you know.. So no matter how long or short your dick is in terms of length.. You can still get someone pregnant as long as the quality of sperm is good.
Nice gains dude and good luck!

I know a girl that ‘bedded’ two brothers, (dirty cow!) & told me that both were of a similar very small size. The father is of a similar physical stature & is an insecure bully. Maybe he’s small in that department too!

I strongly consider genetics as a major role.

Genetics yea, but general physical health is also a good indicator.

I would imagine that it is not totally random, but has many many variables along with an aspect of genetic randomness.

Nothing is 100%, but I am guessing that if you lined up 100 6’6” athletes and compared their dongs with 100 5’6” nerds that the athletes are going to be by and large bigger in the pants. Does this indicate a link between sports and penis size? Or height and penis size? Or genetics? What? I am guessing that it is a complicated mix of many things.

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Originally Posted by devilknight666
It doesn’t, in any way appear to have developed as an attempt to find an oversized penis, because the vagina is proportional.

Agreed. Over the millennia women have selected mates with genitalia that best fits theirs. And that’s why the average size range is what it is (i.e. rather large for primates.)


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