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Is PE with a friend like gym with a friend?


Is PE with a friend like gym with a friend?

As we all know there a lots of benifits when you work out at the gum with a friend and these benifits are well documented. This includes supporting each other to make sure niether of you either skip weights sessions altogether cos of lazyness or more importantly that the excersises are done properly to complete all reps at the weight that you normally work with ….. Its all to easy to skip a rep here and there or even a whole set if you workout by yourself in the gym.

With regard to PE …… Does the same apply here?

As some of you know, I am married and have been for about 8 years now. I currently PE in private by myself, however i have wondered if i had a PE friend if it would help in the same way as a friend in the gym.

I dont talk to any of my friends about my PE, however if I seek a friend I think am going to find it difficult to discuss without the fear of being labled as a gay …. and thats the last thing my wife wants to here.

Any suggestions on the topic? ……. Anyone want to share their experiances?


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lmao….Is this a fucking joke. Seems like this question pops up periodically and gets laughed at just as often.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Originally Posted by Alrdybig

lmao….Is this a fucking joke. Seems like this question pops up periodically and gets laughed at just as often.

Sorry if i duplicated or offended …. I did a search and couldnd find a simmilar thread

I see it this way, either continue to PE in the closet, or come out of the closet and PE, in which case you’ll have an easy time finding some to PE with.



I don’t see why anybody would be offended, so don’t worry about that. As for your question, I think Alrdybig’s attitude will be all you’ll get out of most people!

Personally, I wouldn’t want to PE with anyone, but I’d be ok with telling someone about PE if they really needed it.

I think it’s a good question and wold like to know from some people who have PE buddy’s if it helps and works.


I think having someone to work-out with in the gym and having someone to spot you so the barbell doesn’t fall on your neck will help you get that one last rep out. Having someone around to PE with you would be a distraction IMO. I get motivation knowing the result will be worth it.


I am sure that PEing together and working out at a gym together are not at all the same thing for most men.

I could see that happening with just the right friend, where the friend is only as interested in you working your abs or pecs - in the same light as he is in you working your cock. But that seems very difficult to set up, given our socio/sexual attitudes.

Your question itself is not offensive to me. I’ve asked myself the same one. The answer for me was that the difficulty of establishing that sort of relationship is so far greater than PEing in private that it is not, for me, even worth trying. But if you can make that work, more power to you. Injuries could be lessened through common knowledge and exerience. Gains made through techniques taught to one another?

The trick would be in keeping sex totally out of the context. Rarely do heterosexual men show themselves to each other with a hard-on; sure, in dorm situations sometimes. At boot camp it’s nearly unavoidable. But PE would take an important leap of faith, seems to me.



I better PE alone, but if you think you will (and the other guy) feel comfortable with that, so do it. I think that the reason most men do PE is because they don’t feel happy with their sizes compared to other bigger men. So, what if your friend is bigger than you? or if he gains faster than you?

But if you just wanna DISCUSS PE topics and your progress with your partner, I don’t see any problem with that.

If you are worrying about it making you gay , perhaps you are denying yourself a truth? If you make love to your wife often at worst she’ll think you bisexual why did you suddenly jump to gay? If you can find a friend with whom you can talk to about it it should be fine. I don’t think you need to be naked in front of each other though unless thats what you really want.

Why do you need some guy in real life when you have all of Thunder’s?

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My friend got interested in PE after I told him about this site. We were driving down the road and he asked me about a stretching exercise and I explained it to him. Then he said that I would have to show him how to do it some times. I popped the question here as to rather I should show him if the question came up again.
I got mixed answers. But it would have been a one time shot to show him. The question never did come up again however.

Being that we do sports and camp together we have both seen each others dicks so it is no sexual thing. But doing PE in front of your friend “could” be perceived as being gay so I would say it isn’t a good idea. Suppose you were both standing naked in a room. Both with greased up partial erections doing your wet jelq routines. Then someone walked in on that scene. Try explaining what you are doing! Not everyone reads Thunder’s Place. :D

Originally Posted by monument
Suppose you were both standing naked in a room. Both with greased up partial erections doing your wet jelq routines. Then someone walked in on that scene.

Simply point out that you are reenacting a scene from your favorite gladiator movie. This will go far in explaining that situation for most people.

Seriously though, I think this is completely a matter of personal opinion. You alone know if you are feeling sexually aroused and by what. You can’t read minds, so you may never completely know your friend’s motivation for wanting to pull on his unit in your presence.

IMO it is unquestionably gay whenever there are naked men with greased up erections in closed quarters - unless there is at least one naked, greased up female between them.
But I’m just a bit old fashioned in that way.

Yea, if yuoure gay, itd be like going to the gym with a gay dude

I see nothing wrong having a friend helping you stretch and manipulate your John Thomas but that’s normally called sex not PE.

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