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Is PE As Dangerous As This Site Says?!


ACTUALLY, yes PE can cause real damage!

You CANNOT just recklessly start hanging, clamping, jelquing, pumping without some respect and understanding of what you are doing. There HAVE been guys that have seriously hurt themselves, perhaps PERMANENTLY!

This is why the Vets here and the Mods, first and foremost patrol for unsafe recommendations that are being advised, and quickly and FIRMLY set it straight.

That said, if PE is done as we constantly advocate here, then it is very safe with thousands and thousands having done it here with no significant damage.

But, it MUST be done within the recommended guidelines. When we get some knuckleheads here that plunge right into extreme forces and times, push through pain…yes, you can really damage yourself.

PE is very safe, when done properly.

Important point; well said.

Which is also why esoteric PE theory discussions should not be followed by newbies as other than what they are— theoretical debates.

In your opening stanzas stay with the conventional newbie programs— they are tested and generally considered safest.

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PE will only do damage if you do it wrong.


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