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Is my testosterone my problem?



If you’re interested in having your test levels measured, but you can’t or don’t want to go to a doctor, this is the cheapest deal going:…one_Testing.php

You want to select the female hormone panel; it will measure your total test and E2 (aka estradiol aka estrogen) levels. (Don’t worry about the female part, you’ll still check the “male” box when you order.) After you pay, they’ll email you your lab requisition. Print it up and bring it to your local Labcorp location (there seem to be at least 20 in every town). Labcorp will draw your blood and then privateMD will email you you lab results in about 48 hours.

Total cost is about $50.00. The only drawback is this panel doesn’t measure free test. You can add it, but it’s about $70.00 extra. Free test is an important measurement, but the basic panel should give you a pretty good idea of whether low test and/or elevated estrogen levels are an issue for you. Good luck.

I think what CC Deville has suggested is a good option. I would suggest getting the Free T tested. You will always wonder what it is, no matter what your T values are, and it will nag at you if you don’t find it out. Even getting Free T also can leave you wondering about things. I would say real satisfaction comes with getting T, Free T, and SHGB levels all checked.


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