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Is my routine enough

Is my routine enough

I’ve been doing PE for about a month, and was wondering if I was

working at it enough. My routine consists of warming up then 100

jelqs followed by 25 uli squeezes in the a.m.. In the p.m. I hang

1 hour(15 min. w/10min rest) jelqing 50 during rests. A couple of hours after hanging, I jelq 50 to 100 times followed by 20 to 30

uli squeezes. During the day , I wear a padlock whenever possible. Tell me what you think, and give me advice on what to do when i’m not a newbie anymore.

Sounds like you are doing way too much for a newbie!!
start with 5-10 min of manual stretches, and 200-300 jelqs 3 sec each(10-15 min). decrease your hanging to about 20 min a day and take some rest days, at least 2 a week. watch your dick for injuries and signs of overstress.

edit: Overdoing can sabotage your gains as much or more than not doing enough!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks, I’ll slow down some. I’m started hanging with 2 lbs., am now up to three lbs., increasing .5 lbs. a week. Is that too much Hanging too soon. Thanks for any feedback, need all help i can get.

Also woody, leave out the uli’s - these are girth exersizes for advanced PEers only. It’s very easy to over do them and injure yourself which will significantly impede your progress. Besides, they may in fact work against your length gains.

Take it easy and keep us posted!

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