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Is my body done growing

Is my body done growing

Hey guys I have a question about whether or not my body is done growing. For the past two years, I do not think I have grown in height at all. I am about 5’6.5” and about 135 lbs. Also, for the past year or two I don’t think my penis has grown much either, of course I don’t know for sure because I never measured my dick back then. But I’m pretty sure it has stopped growing since back then.

Facial hair is very limited, with about 2-3 strands coming out on my chin, which I shave off to hopefully promote more facial hair growth. My question is: since I am still in the process of obtaining facial hair, does that mean that my body is still growing and undergoing puberty is still in process?

Mind you, I was a late bloomer. I don’t think I really started going through puberty until I was 15, maybe even 16. I am 19 now. I just want to know, hopefully there’s still some hope for my body getting bigger on it’s own, more importantly, my dick.

I’ve been looking into DHEA supplements as it’s said to increase testosterone levels. I am planning on getting my hormone levels checked, maybe I’m lacking testosterone? Maybe if give my body the boosted testosterone, new growth will be triggered?


I think your best move is do a google search on ‘late puberty’ or ‘delayed puberty’. There are some articles there which may be useful.

Hope that helps.


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Sorry to say but I haven’t seen my gains from puberty and I’m 19 as well, I don’t know though I am still growing in height and body hair. Researching won’t answer many questions I looked everywhere. Since we went through puberty late we may be lucky but It can’t be overly damaging to give puberty a helping hand if it does.

Thanks For All Your Help

That’s what I’m hoping. If my growth just stopped but I’m still going through puberty, hopefully I can shock my body into growing a little more. That would be nice. Anybody have any other input on this?

I’m 20 and i don’t think I’ve grown at all in anyway since i was 15, apart from a little extra muscle, no bone growth. i am still developing facial hair aswell, so i don’t think that can be used as an indicator to say you are still going to grow. I think i must be pretty much done. You may grow more but if not you will soon fill out a bit. I Wouldn’t mind a couple extra inches in all departments either lol.

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I am no physiologist, but I have an older cousin who was also a late bloomer. When he graduated high school, he was 5’4”, 140 lbs. Fast forward 15 years and he is 5’11” 220lbs. He is an MD and attributes his growth to excellent physical conditioning during adolescence and extensive training into manhood. I have/will not ask about his penis.

On the other hand, I also have a close friend who has been 5’5” since freshman year of high school, now 35 years of age. Ironically, he was born with a 9”+ pecker. Frankly, it’s one of the damned-funniest things I have seen.

Like I say, we all fit in somewhere.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

I’m 25 and I havent got great facial hair lol..

At 19 I was pretty smooth on the face too id grow a natural goatie but nothing else.. I’ve not grown since in any aspect at all.

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I gained about 1” in penis length between the ages of 20 to 23. My penis was obviously not done growing. I think that is what you’re really asking

A male will stop growing around the age 25, but everyone has different growth patterns.So, who knows.

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I suggest start lightly at 20 then work your way up to a proper routine when your 21.

I started Puberty when I was 10-11 and I stopped when I was 16.
So I think about 5 years is a good range of how long puberty lasts.

It’s up to you about supplement wise but I suggest you don’t go meddling especially if your body is still growing.

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Do you think starting PE at around 19-20 may stunt penis growth then?

I hope not.

Well if you have stopped puberty then I personally think it would be fine and just a head start on the PE world.
But if you are still going through it it could have the possibility to hinder natural gains.

Why not check out.

When do you think you should start PE

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I started PE when I was 17. I had extremely good gains within about 8 months (1.5” length and 0.5” girth) and my routine was nothing special. So no I don’t think it would stunt your growth, providing you don’t overwork the tunica.

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