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Is masterbating a form of PE

Is masterbating a form of PE

I just wanted to get some opinions on this. If done accidently the right way could it be considered PE gains? The reason is I have always jerked off and some of my jerk off sessions sound similar to some of these technics.

Newbie :)

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I think so, through masturbation I have gained atleast 3 inches.. 3 inches on my biceps. :)

The quicker you associate the distinction between masturbating and PE the better. The two are and should be separate. Masturbating itself should probably not be done right before PE because it will affect your workout, which in turn might affect your gains in the long run, but on its own will not increase or decrease your gains by releasing some sort of chemical reaction.

Hey thanks for the clarification on that. Also I had been thinking about LOT and wether or not the amount or type of masterbation could effect your LOT as mine seems to be around 8:00

Newbie :)

Masterbation has no effect on LOT. LOT is a theory that may or may not apply to PE. If masturbation was a form of PE it would listed in the exercises. :)


A definate no. Everyman on the planet would have a knob rubbing the floor.

I’d also be the ‘Grandmaster’.

Very good point wrist, everyone would have a huge dick probaly then… It’s funny how some websites claim that PE excersizes are just a form of masterbation. ;)

PE does make masterbation more pleasurable and last longer though we the right excersizes though… :)

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