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Is LOT true for me

Is LOT true for me

OK, so I tested my LOT and it is low at 6:00. I have been hanging for just a little bit. It is stated that if your lot is low that you should do high stretches. It has also been stated that if your lot is low you don’t have as much “hidden penis”.

So let me ask this. Can my lot still not indicate the fact the downward hangin will benefit me. I think it will for 2 reasons. 1. I have a high erection angle and 2.this is most important: I can feel about 4 inches of what I presume is what is called the “hidden penis”.
It is basically my just like the outside part of my penis going all the way back past my pubic bone, through my ball sack and ending all the way back near my rectum. So is this the “hidden penis” hidden penis I need to make gains hanging down, or am I just wasting my time with hanging.

As slack said, do not pay too much attention to the LOT theory.

The LOT theory is just that, a theory. Bib contributed, and still contributes a lot to the PE world, but the more people look at the LOT theory, the more it looks flawed.

I suggest doing a variety of different hangs, including straight down. If that does not work after a few weeks, change it up a little. Find what works best for you.

Good Luck.

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What you are describing IS the hidden penis. You can grab it by digging in between your balls down low to where it connects with the bone just above the anus. When you are hanging down, grab hold of the inner shaft and pull to one side then the other. Pull hard enough to lift the weights. This inner shaft is the enemy. Show it no mercy.

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Whoa there Nelly:

I just noticed you are a Newb. First off welcome. Second, why are you hanging? This comes much later. For now you should be doing manual stretches, but you can still work the inner penis. Just do it without the weights

Good Luck

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Check out this thread:

BTB Jelqing

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Thanks for the advice you guys are most helpfull

I am glad you brought this up. I almost mentioned this but I forgot. I did the BTB jelqing a while a go do release my inner penis. I think it is a core part of gains. I only did it a few sessions and within a week my inner penis was coming up and out of my ballsack. It was much thicker at the base and the gains were quick will pushes it out fully erect. It think this could be a key part of gains that man people are lacking. I have even grabbed my penis through my balls when it was flaccid, and tried to pull and loosen them. I never knew that this was a legitimate excercise. Now I will do them daily and post back if I get results. It makes sense to attack the situation at the root.

I will show it no mercy like Big Girtha says.

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