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Is it Worth it


A penis isn’t meant to be “pretty.” Discoloration vs. size increase? Size increase has my vote. :)

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

I’m not entirely certain, but your ‘discolouration’ may not be that at all. If purple or blue, that’s discolouration. Perhaps your penis isn’t adjusted to the extra blood. If brownish, it could be age as most of us change in skin tone the older we get regardless of race. It could also be hormonal. All this extra attention to your genitals may increase testosterone levels, which in a good number of men can lead to increased pigmentation, especially your penis.

Consider this: What percentage of women have you seen whose nipples or labia exactly match the rest of their skin in colour?

I know black guys who have lighter coloured penises than their bodies and they’re still getting all the sex. If the girls comment, tell them you’re in touch with your inner black man.

Success to all,


I think it’s not the point if the discoloration is ugly, nice, beautiful or whatever - but it’s if the discoloration
is caused be PE, especially jelqing and clamping. And if so - why is this? Is it even dangerous for your penis’ health?

A discoloration due to PE would mean that something is happening with your penis. And my first question
is about health and then about how it looks.


01.01.04: 6.75" BP x 5.50" . . . . . Next Goal: 7.50" BP x 5.50" . . . . Pics

01.03.04: 7.15" BP x 5.50" . . . . . Ultimate : 8.00" NBP x 6.00" . . . . Progress Report

Discoloration is caused by ruptured capillaries that allow the blood to leak out and become trapped under the skin where it can no longer become oxygenated and it turns blue or black. It is similar to bruising.

Thanks gprent…

For me this means: it’s better to do 2, 3 or 4 5min sessions with a little break inbetween for

allowing the blood to circulate, than 1 20min session.

01.01.04: 6.75" BP x 5.50" . . . . . Next Goal: 7.50" BP x 5.50" . . . . Pics

01.03.04: 7.15" BP x 5.50" . . . . . Ultimate : 8.00" NBP x 6.00" . . . . Progress Report

In my experience it has improved the look as well as the size. But for some it may not be that way, and as far as looks go, I think it’s very important

Especially if size is not a serious problem

I don’t know about you guys, but my cock is naturally a shade darker then the rest of my skin. I have not had any discolouration yet, but if the colour is even and constant it shouldn’t really matter. I honestly wish my whole body was the colour of my dick, it is a very nice tanned brown and looks great when hard and bulging with veins topped off with a contrasting dark red - purple head….I think it looks great so having a darker dick shouldn’t really matter

That said, as soon as I look like I am getting uneven colour or blotches I will immediately stop. To me the appearance of my penis is just as, if not more important than the size itself.

This thread would be more interesting if any female members would comment on this subject.

Ill start a thread in the main members forum to get females opinions.


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