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Is it worth it to buy a PE Manual along with using Thunder's

Is it worth it to buy a PE Manual along with using Thunder's

Totally an open question. Do you think it’s worth it to buy one of these 50$ manuals, such as Penis Health, etc. Along with using Thunder’s Place, or are they both basically the same exercises?

To better state it, are you getting basically the exact same thing here as there, except without the price tag?

What do you think?

I think it’s a waste of money. All the info you need is right here. If your so eager to spend 50 dollars I would donate it to Thunders Place.

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My recommendation is to donate half of the $50 to Thunder’s Place. Consider it a $25 savings. :D It will be the best investment you’ll ever make regarding your unit! Even if you choose not to donate; you’ll find everything you need is here and it’s free. Remember even though it’s free to you and me; the wealth of information contained here is priceless.

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That’s actually a great idea, I was gonna blow the 50$ anyway.

Dude where do you think they grab the information from which is on those manuals?

Thunder’s Place.

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Did I mention they are flaccid measurments?...Kidding! :p

I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen a paid for PE reference of ANY kind over the last few years that was actually worth the $$. I’ve tried a few pay sites, and even a book off Amazon which was at least partly written by a guy who helps run another PE forum. None contained any ”break through” information that I could NOT find for free on a forum such as this one. It’s all been done basically or thought of by now for the most part. The rest is up to an individuals’ interpretation and actual application.

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The info in those things is lifted, in its entirety, from these forums.

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Everything I’ve seen on the net doesn’t even compare to everything that’s available here. Donate some of that money chief!

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