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Is it true

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If you don’t use it you lose it?




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Is it true

Is this phrase true?

If you don’t use it you lose it?

When it comes to this poll, probably..:D

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I think to a large extent, that is true. The good news is, you can work to get “it” back.

Hmmm, I’m not sure. What is “it”, where did “it” go, and is there a ransom involved?

Originally Posted by Slack
Weirdest poll ever (:


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I don’t know how to take the question but I assume you mean that if the penis isn’t used than you’ll lose it’s erection qualities and thus ruin a sex life?

If so than I think it’s true as I’ve seen some TV documentaries on sex and the penis issue popped up and in that the whole idea of men who didn’t get many erections and how it ruined their penis and sex life.

From what I gather, now don’t quote me on this but from what I’ve learned the more erections you get and more freq’ than the better health your penis will be in. So if you don’t get many erections and don’t get aroused I.e masturbate and/or have sex than your penis could deteriorate and I suppose you could term that ‘lose it’ to some extent.

Like I said don’t quote me as I don’t know if it’s gospel but it makes sense to me.

For example men who are in their seventies don’t get erections the same as a thirty year old and this is many reasons but also it’s related to what I have been talking about.

The older gentleman hasn’t been getting many erections because he’s getting to that age where it gets harder to get them and hence his penis suffers because it’s not getting fed the Rich oxygen blood it needs to live and the consequences are that the erections are allot more poorer and the size of the penis appears to have shrunk.

Originally Posted by Slack
Weirdest poll ever (:

No. Zachy123 has the weirdest poll ever.

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