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Is it true

Is it true

I heard in the fitness section if you have a fat belly then you have a small penis erection due to poor blood circulation. That means if you get a flat belly you will gain an inch or so in your erection. Also has anybody here has ever witnessed a growth after achieving a flat belly.

I don’t recall it reading like that. From what I remember at my advanced age, the idea is a bit different. Fatness from being overweight engulfs your dick and swallows it up like another hamburger in a hungry mouth. If you have less fat, less of the total package is swallowed up. It all has to do with the amount of fat ober the piubic bone. That is why we take Bone Pressed measurements and such.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Twatteaser is right. Its not technically a “growth” of the penis, its a reduction of the fat around the penis. The estimates are for every 15 pounds you lose, you will increase the length by half an inch.

Yup, what TT said. I saw Ron Jeremy speaking one time, and he said that the best method of penis enlargement is weight loss. Apparently two inches of his cock disappeared as he put on the pounds over the years.

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