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Is it true that blacks have the biggest penises

My best platonic girlfriend in college dated (slept with) a large sampling of the male population. Her observation was that blacks were slightly larger on average than white or hispanic, but whites tended to be “growers” and blacks “showers”. She said it was hard to tell what she was going to get unless the guy had a full hard on.

One drunken night I showed her mine…and she giggled. Thus my quest into PE.

Originally Posted by dx123456
Also, if you browse slut websites like in their forum they say that there are lot’s of blacks and whites with big and small ones, and those girls are hoes who did it with everything that moves. So instead of researching this kind of stuff through porn, which is a business of selling stereotypes, people should think outside the box and understand that those are just labels generated by mass media.

I don’t have the time right now, but I quickly browsed the stripperweb forum last night and found a good thread on this subject. I was going to start charting that thread, but was too tired and fell asleep. Sometime between tonight and Sunday night I’ll take a closer look at it.

I spent some more time reading the thread at Stripperweb. It’s not looking feasible to chart because posts don’t always clearly indicate whether it’s ‘generally’ true or not, as some posts focus on ex, or current bf, or smallest sizes, etc.


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