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Is it too soon


I order condoms from Hongkong, very cheap and free delivery. They might be little smaller, at least they fit to my unit well but I also havent had problems with European condoms neither when erected.

You should propably try sex with some intelligent chick. Its so much more about mental thing than penis thing. Its cock-thing for cock-sluts but who wants a cock-slut permanently anyway? So, if a change try with some smart woman but dont talk about your hesitations about your size unless its absolutely nesessary. Women hate unsecure men and they also hate men braggin with their cocks.

Originally Posted by scissors123
Thanks for all your suggestions. The main thing that makes me think I have a small penis is the fact that a condom won’t fit.. But I guess you can get smaller ones. And Ares, you made some good points.

Ok, I’ll give the newbie routine another shot. I know it is largely a psychological issue, but it is one I can only overcome with increased size and through overcoming some of the other issues.

I’m an atheist, and would never consider becoming a Christian, sorry. No offence intended.

Audacia, I think if I were to go to a psychologist and take some form of anti-depressant it would help me a heap. But I just can’t imagine being able to tell this to someone face-to-face. And I should be on my way to becoming a lawyer, so yes. But you must understand, these things really don’t matter to me in my current state. I often wonder what is the point of even studying when I don’t feel like I will ever meet someone if I don’t make changes (this is how I feel, you might think it is stupid but it’s just how I feel).

And I don’t know what I would tell my parents, I don’t want to tell anyone about it, it’s just really embarrassing. It would make things so weird between my parents and I.

Start 20.4.2010: BPEL = 6.6 EG = 4.3 EGB = 4.8

Current: BPEL = 6.9 EG = 4.7 EGB = 4.9

Goal: BPEL = 7.5 EG = 5+

Thanks for all your advice. I’m going to make a start tomorrow (hopefully) and try be consistent with it. I will make a log, because I think it will help for my motivation.

I appreciate everything.


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