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Is it suppose to change

Is it suppose to change

Hey guys I was wondering , I’m doing the newbies routine and like 10 min after I see my penis the same size and shape , is it suppose to change for a while or that’s normal ?? I just started doing it this week so I don’t know.. Or I’m I doing something wrong ?

Yea, after awhile like 10 minutes, it’s back to normal. This isn’t overnight, but it’s getting bigger. Measure, so that way you know for sure. I didn’t, but I saw it getting bigger.

Xt, someone here once said it is like trying to watch a tree grow. The changes will happen slowly and imperceptibly.

Patience, consistency and technique are the three keys to a successful PE outcome.

Likely the first thing you will notice is your dick will look a little healthier from all the jelqing. You may see no size changes for one or more months. You may get a slightly ‘heavier’ feel in your hand (particularly just after jelqing) but it probably won’t be measurable at first.

The main thing is you stick to the Newbie routine for that first couple of months and be patient.


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It’s all about Time & Devotion !

When your flaccid increases from all the exercising, the growth should happen soon. Or that’s what I read somewhere.

OK thanks guys , I wanted to know if it was suppose to increase flaccid and stay like that for a minute after I’m done jelqing.


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