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is it possible?

is it possible?

I’m new to this and am very committed to getting good gains. I’m wondering though if it’s possible and a reasonable goal to go from 5.25 NBP in. to 7 in. NBP? Right now I only want to concentrate on length. I wet jelq two to three times a day five days a week. Is 7 inches something i can obtain with the amount of PE I do? If anyone has advice on different routines, please let me know. My routine is only what I usually have time for seeing as I’m a college student and share a room with my roommate. But back to the point, I’m asian, and am not a big guy(lol), that’s why I want to be a small guy with a big package. So anyways, tell me if my goal of reaching 7 in. NBP from 5.25 in. NBP is a reasonable and reachable goal for someone my size. Thanks!

Welcome to the board Slman!!
I think your goal is reachable, but I would add a good stretching routing. Follow the newbie routine and take a slow and steady pace for the first few months :) . Also, read everything in these forums twice, starting with the “new Member Guidelines”. Hope to hear from you often!


I’ve gained about that much NBP length since five years ago, doing PE about half that time. It’s reasonable if you’re willing to put in the effort to make it happen. With proper dedication, you can gain much faster than I have.

I guess it´s possible, at least I hope so, because I was also almost at 5.25 or something when I started now I´m about 6.4, so I´ve got an inch more. And my goal is to hit the big 8 someday…

Good luck and patience!!

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