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Is it possible to use fowfers as a warm-up

Is it possible to use fowfers as a warm-up

Fowfers seem to provide a large amount of a heat and give me about the same results as a warm-up, could I treat it the same?

I use bed fowfers to warm up (do them while in bed then get out from the bed go to the bathroom and start stretching).

It seems to work for me but it is only one month I’ve been PEing consistently so mine is not an experienced opinion.


It might help, but I doubt it’s as effective as a hot wrap, rice sock or warm shower. I would still use one of those things.

Speaking of bed Fowfers, I’m not quite sure how to make this work. When sitting your body weight keeps your penis in place and on stretch. Do you lie flat on your back in bed? If so, how does your penis stay in place unless you are long enough to have the thing stretch all the way around behind your ass? And if you are that long, why are you doing Fowfers?

I assume that you keep things in place by clamping your legs together? Speaking of things you can do in bed with your penis (other than screwing, of course) does anybody use a wrap or ADS at night?

Some peoples’ penises might not be that long, but can stretch that long. I’m not sure how effective they are for erect length gains, but they really help for flaccid length. I personally cannot keep it in that position while I sleep. I tend to thrash while sleeping.

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