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Is it possible to gain just by stretching

Is it possible to gain just by stretching

Is it possible to gain just to gain just by stretching?

Any advice or favorite stretches?

1) Yes.

2) Take care not to place too much pressure on your glans by getting blood in there and then pulling ‘til it looks like a balloon. Except for that, the rest is in the “Jelquing & Stretching 101” by KOG (see link at bottom of this page).

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1 Yes, I have done it a while, with success.

2 doing a combination of regular stretches and advanced stretches will make the ideal length routine. Regularly stretch to all sides while doing at least the invented v stretch and JAI stretches as advanced stretches. Keep in mind that for doing the advanced stretches a conditioned penis is required.

Stretching is my main thing now because I found that I was gaining too much girth from jelqing and I really want to go for length first. I’ve gained more than two inches mostly from manual stretches.

2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

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