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Is it possible to gain from a months worth of manual stretching?

Is it possible to gain from a months worth of manual stretching?

I know this is a long shot, no pun intended, but is it possible to see fast gains from manual stretching? I would realy like length. I know P.E is a marathon not a sprint but I really really need some encouragement. Thanks guys.

“Newbie gains” - taking the slack out of the system, increasing the quality of erections, or however one want’s to view it. Some people gain a little real easy (and then, for some, it stalls) and that is usually referred to as newbie gains. Not uncommon at all.

regards, mgus

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Just give it a go countdown2, thats the only way to find out.

Im planning on doing the same thing, manual stretches and wear my ADS for the rest of the day. Im still going to jelq(it seems to be a must in a good routine) at the the end of the day, EOD though.

Just give it a go and stick to it, you have nothing to lose.


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