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Is it possible to gain 2 inches in a year.


I hope it’s possible! That would be so killer!

It is possible. Memento, Kingpole and westsidetoni all did it, plus DLD if you believe him.

In fact, KP and Memento if I read right did it in well under a year. I honestly believe PE will work for 95% of men but it is a matter of finding what stimulates growth for the individual, as in it’s not uniform. Years of lifting weights and other assorted fitness have taught me to read my body pretty well and I know If I did the classic newbie programme of 10 mins stretching and 20-30 mins of jelqing I would have a short very fat dick.

This is why I’m making my routine more stretch based, with relativley little jelqing and so far it’s worked.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

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Originally Posted by Lord Harris
plus DLD if you believe him.

Haha. Amazing.

I bought the ‘matters of size’ dvd a while back.
The free videos are better. :)

Dude your hung like a horse already!

You ever try the blasters? I’ve been thinking of giving them a go.

On DLD I never spoke to the guy but I understand there is an air of contrevesy surrounding him, his past posts are very helpful and informative to give him his dues.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

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Yeah but my point was there’s like what 6 guys who have done it? (I messed up and said only 4) but BIB had all day to hang I think he did hours a day.

DLD has GREAT articles. His site does too. I do not believe that he is like 11 inches or whatever, but the dudes hung. He did a video recently where his 2 hands were wrapped around it (one was extremely bone pressed) and his girl did the third, and the head popped out. In his free preview of the dvd you can see he is huge limp when he jelqs, it is probably like 6.5 and then stretches more as he pulls it.

Anyway. Blasters are good. I believe I gained about .25 from them which is a great length gain for me.


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