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Is it possible to enlarge testes

Is it possible to enlarge testes

I was just wondering if there are any tried and proven techniques that has worked for the majority in regards to increasing testicular size. I’ve already done a search on this topic in case you guys are wondering, but thing is theres so much info as well as differing opinions I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t and I really don’t want to try everything and end up wasting my time since I’m doing the newbie routine currently. I’m not looking to get massive balls or anything like that, but just normal sized testes. At the moment my testes are very small, causing the scrotum to flatten itself totally against the skin at times. I’ve heard testicle massaging works, should this be done at the same time I’m doing my PE routine or at separate time.

Luckily for you I have a favorite saved up with just this topic at *after* photo of balls . Also, your “scrotum flattening itself against the skin at times” may not be a result of the size of your balls. You may have the problem I had, where my cremaster muscles were just petulant little fuckers. If that’s the case, I have another favorite saved up for you: A Question for Cyberstud25 (re: low balls)

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Thanks appreciate it man

You can buy pumps that can make them huge if you want. There is a site called Tigerpump I think that shows some examples of what can be gained from ball-pumping. The site deals with extreme pumping, so some of the photos might seem a little gross, but you will get the idea of what is possible.

I’m just a newbie, but I wouldn’t mess with it..

I don’t know if what I’m thinking is absurd, but it feels like messing with the nuts, trying to making them bigger would, .well., let them more susceptible to grow masses in them (tissue changes). I really don’t know (It’s just my personal feeling).

There (inside the testicles) we know for sure that real cellular division occurs all the time (both Mitosis and Meiosis), non stop, but not for grow, for sperm cells. And the structures there are much more fragile, the area is highly sensitive.

But I’m just a layperson (and a newbie).

Better listen to the vets here.

No campaigns for now

Clomid or HCG(if you want something that will get the job done, but also will mess a little or more with your hormone levels). But if you decide to do it, you’ll know what I mean. :)

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I think your besst bet is to leave them alone. You may start somethng you wished you had’nt

Like inability to have children.

Some guys have tried pumping but the general consensus was that it didn’t work and they stayed as they were.

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