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Is it possible to change the penis shape

Is it possible to change the penis shape

Is there a safe way to change a penis shape from the classical banana shape to ..

Is the penis shape important to women , or what ?
Exercises or something :o

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Many women seem to like an upward curve. I used to have one, but years of PE have made my dick pretty much dead straight now.

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I read some guy can get a curve e from hanging?

Originally Posted by meowmeowluvin
I read some guy can get a curve e from hanging?

I can vouch for this, Ive managed to exaggerate my upward curve via hanging. I’ve only ever hung straight up and my erection now stands above parallel like it did when I was younger (with a much smaller cock). I’m conflicted though. I think some kind of curve definitely equals more stimulation for the woman, but I think for missionary style sex a downward curve would actually be better because the outer bend of the curve (the dorsal vein of the penis) would be massaging their little G spots more directly with every stroke. That said my upward curve definitely helps me to get into the culdesac and avoid the cervix (easier in some girls than others). I also think that for women the upward curve is more visually appealing as it just looks ready to impale a pussy unlike a downward curve that just looks sort of floppy, but if a girl is on her knees seeing how much of your cock they can fit in their mouth, the upward curve definitely works against the downward curvature of the throat. I used to obsess over keeping and exaggerating the upward curve, but as I’ve considered these aspects more Im not sure one curve is any better than the other.

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