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Is it ok

Is it ok

Is it safe to start PE with a pump? I’ve tried manual stretches, I got nowhere. Hanging is just to frustrating for me ( lack of privacy, trying to wrap ). I’ve been deconditioned for a couple of years now ( join date is 07 but I opened a new account my old screen name was inchxinch ).

Pumping is safe as long as you employ a good warm up, keep the pressure low, and get out of the cylinder every five minutes or so .

Stick with the manual stretches .

Keep it low and slow, and you will grow !

My advice would be to start with the newbie routine then adjust it to suit you if need be. How long did you stretch for (i.e weeks,months?) and have you been jelqing?

I’ve been tempted to throw in a pump regimen into my newbie routine but with the intent to keep it light. I have used pumps before and I figure as long as I keep it on a safe low pressure and not go crazy I should be fine. The only reason I haven’t is that I don’t have the doh to dish out on a quality one (because from what I read, its pointless to get the adult toystore quality).

I don’t think it hurts to throw it in your routine, but remember to never get carried away in both your frequency and your pressures (its easy to get excited when your penis gets larger than normal). I would venture to guess twice a week at light-to-moderate use is sufficient. This will allow you to know whether you like pumping, and to let you get into more advanced pump work when you start to modify your newbie routine in a few months.

I will mention that you want to read up on the pros and cons of pumping, because like with any other device-required PE, it has its risks.

S.O. at P.B.

Pumps arent safe man.. Get an ADS. Period

Very, very, few n00bs that start out pumping actually explode their penis.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I’m wondering if you don’t have enough privacy to hang/stretch… how are you going to resolve having a 9”X2.5” tube hanging off your dick…. I know my pumping would be impossible without my partner knowing about it… not to mention hanging and the stink/taste of dmso etc. If you’re just starting out.. take your time - find out what your junk can deal with and what it can’t.. Good luck.

I would actually re-conditon myself with the newbie, before starting in with the pump. Low time/pressure levels shouldn`t be a problem, just make sure you are ready for it.

Originally Posted by jayranner1

Pumps arent safe man.. Get an ADS. Period

Awfully confident statement. I’m sure most of the guys over at the Pumping forum would disagree. Would you care to elaborate?

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