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Is it ok to skip kegels

Is it ok to skip kegels

I thought I would find something about this by searching for it but I couldn’t find anything so here’s the question. Is it ok to skip doing kegels or is it something that I should be doing? Iv been PEing for 4 months now and iv just been doing manual stretches and dry jelqing but skipping out the kegels and iv gained .5 inches in length, but I’m not sure if kegeling is something that I should be doing as well?

The kegels don’t help with actual gains so much as they do circulation and overall health. They’re also quite helpful with stamina and ejaculation control.

If you find that your erections are consistent I would say it’s fine to skip the kegels. Do you add in kegels to your jelqing or do you just do straight up jelqing? Many people, myself included, recommend kegeling in some blood before each stroke.

>Is it ok to skip kegels<


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Multi-task on the kegels. You can do them while driving to work, sitting in a class, watching the teevee at night, whatever.

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Kegels help keep the pelvic floor in shape. Both men and women benefit by doing them. And as Iamaru stated they can be done anytime you wish to do them.

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I agree, kegels are the easiest of all the PE exercises and can be done whenever you want. They may not help with size but do help when actually in the middle of sex, and you’ll end up with a penis that can give a steel pole a run for it’s money.

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I’m glad to get confirmation that kegels may be performed at anytime throughout the day; doing them outside of my PE workout will shorten (yikes, bad word) the routine and make it a lot easier to fit PE into my normal day.

Thanks a lot guys I’ll start doing kegels daily.

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Kegels will give you a stronger errection as the muscle that pumps blood into the penis gets stronger making your errection fuller and also climax more satisfying. Also ejaculation is stronger as the muscle has been contracting a lot more with your excercises.

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