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Is it ok to manualy stretch with your foreskin forward?

Is it ok to manualy stretch with your foreskin forward?

I find that when I stretch with my foreskin forward over my glans I get a much better grip. Does anybody else manualy stretch this way or is it a bad idea? Please help guys.

Yeah I also used to stretch like this, but after some workouts I realised that I don’t want to get extra foreskin ! (It was pain in ass for me to stretch under the glans- couldn’t maintain the grip, it hurt the glans a little bit too :/)
However I tryed stretching like this- make a kinda you sigh with your thumb and first finger (don’t know how to call fingers but I hope you get it ! ) And grip the glans from other side (where is the frenulum), you can close the grip completely or just stretch by sides !

If you are not concerned about stretching your foreskin, it’s fine I guess, if you want you can try the method I described and give some feedback how you like it !


Countdown, if you don’t want extra foreskin I would advise you against what you are doing. Another thing is that you are stretching the skin as well as the inner penis.

Try using toilet paper or a paper towel for grip.

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But would my method still work? I don’t mind extra foreskin.

Providing you are not gripping hard enough to do damage then go ahead. As the object of the exercise is to stretch you only need enough power in the grip to achieve a stretch, which should be sufficient to give a ‘pull’ but not enough to overstretch, which will damage your penis. .

So Moderation in the amount of force you use is best. The only thing you may notice is a darkening of the foreskin - like black bruising. As you will be forcing blood into the skin which cannot escape.. And that is to be avoided .

Unfortunately we cannot tell you what your limit is. So you must use judgement in how much pressure you will use.

Answer. Build up gradually.

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