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Is it necesary to take time off

Is it necesary to take time off

I spent the day googling the subject of Traction. From what I read, the injured/affected body part (arm, leg, back, skin, whatever) remains in traction until the problem is alleviated; there are no 2 days on one day off, etc.

With this in mind, is it really necessary to take the occasional day of from P.E. ?

Now I do lift weights, and understand the importance of allowing the muscle tissue to repair, but with P.E., we are talking about ligaments and sponge, not muscle.

Does anyone have any documentation to support the need for time off?

Not trying to pick a fight, I just want to know why I am doing something before I blindly do it.

There are two mail schools of thought. One says that the tissues (ligs, CC, whatever) stretch like a balloon and over time the balloon doesn’t return to it’s original size. The other is more of a bodybuilding analogy where you break down the tissue and it builds back up creating more tissue.

I am no expert, but it seems to me if you buy the first theory, then rest days aren’t needed. Of course if you buy the second theory, rest is crucial. Read up and make up your own mind.

And whatever you do, keep an eye on your EQ. If it drops, you are overdoing it whichever theory you buy, and of course defeating the purpose of PE. Afterall, what’s the point of a big floppy penis?

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There is a third theory that’s has to do with having heavy pe days and lighter maintenance jelq or pumping days to keep blood flow up and size comming. Since I workout with heavy weights and do a lot of cardio I tend to get a lot of shrinkage for the 4-6 hour window after. So for me pumping in 20 min sessions for 5 min a time both when I wake up and before bed really helps.

I tend to side more with the bodybuilder approach but on many different levels. Like alternating seasons of length, girth, and head work, and alternating stacks of jelqs, pumping and clamping. There may be a month where I do all three then next month I take one exercise off, and so on and so forth but I always take my rest days! You do not want to be that guy who wakes up and runs to the doctor with a battered and bruised penis.

In the spirit of what WantToBeThick is saying, the intensity of your exercises also effects the need to take a day off or not.

Some members (like TheGreatDivider) push their personal limits very far and therefore may occasionally require a full day or more off, while others (such as myself) work at a lower intensity every single day and even though we don’t take a full day off, the time away from PE during the rest of the day (working, sleeping etc.) is enough to make gains and stay healthy.

There is nothing wrong or better about either approach, I just believe you have to find the one that best suits you.

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Originally Posted by firegoat
Loading, lengthening, healing.

Everything you ever wanted to know about rest days, but were afraid to ask…!

Or you could just skip to post 231 firegoat - Loading, lengthening, healing.

Could you break that down into laymans terms for me? I read it, but I don’t quite understand what it means. Thank you, good sir.

I take one day off a week, and let me tell you, I go freakin’ crazy on that day. It’s like my penis is just aching to be stretched.

Anyone else feel like this?

Originally Posted by sleepy278

I take one day off a week, and let me tell you, I go freakin’ crazy on that day. It’s like my penis is just aching to be stretched.

Anyone else feel like this?

Yes, it certainly feels like but a day or two of rest is good practice to listen to your body and provide comfort and healing.

Who else than yourself can feel the physical symptoms you must remember that your penis is the only one you have. Most of the time the itching and small electrical shocks you may experience is not of concern but on the other hand things can go wrong so for that and to see changes you must wait. If you have a goal you’ll get there sooner or later. A few days later do not mean by any stretch of your imagination the girl of your dreams will go to bed with someone else.

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I’m guessing you won’t lose any gains from taking a day or two off, or?

Interesting post, it’s always good to be a bit critical about all this stuff. Resting days seems to me fairly logical but I don’t really have any documentation where I am building that opinion on so maybe it’s not necessary indeed. The best way to determine it is to look at the group as a whole and see who got what kind of results from resting days or from skipping resting days. Maybe a good thing to post a poll? If a admin would do it and we got a few hunderd reactions you could actually call it significant and use it as official data in a scientific research project.

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I feel it’s best to do lots of PE and different types of PE. I have a pump so on a day where I have time and privacy I pump, clamp, stretch, jelq, and do erect fowfers. I can throw in some head exercises and bends also. These days are rare thou but I wish I can do it everyday, just loads of PE. So it really feels in my dick that I’ve been doing loads of PE.

Today I have had a like that, been doing lots of PE work out and this week I will have more days like this. I am actually looking forward to waking up tomorrow and start pumping and jelqing etc. I can feel in my dick now that I wanna do some erect dry jelqs and I think I will before I go to bed.

I am also looking forward to next week when I will take some rest days. Even thou I wish I could do loads of PE all days I think it’s best with some rest days. The dick need some time to heal and grow. I think rest days have a good effect on growing if you do allot of PE work out so your dick get really exhausted. Then your dick will love the rest days also. I don’t think rest days are really important if you are on a light routine, maybe just take a day of now and then is necessary then.

This is only my opinion thou and this is from my experience with my dick, all dicks are different and some dicks might need more rest days. I don’t think there are a 100 % correct answer, do what feels best for you.

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