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Is it just me

Is it just me

Is it just me?

I just love Jelqing, The way it makes your dick feel

I haven’t been this horny in years, why didn’t I find out about this Jelqing,
This site and that there are hundreds of men out there doing the same thing I am until now,

All those years thinking I was weird in the head or something,

It’s just so nice to know I’m not alone, help is out there if you need it,

I’ve really enjoyed reading some of the comments and advise that’s given, you have answered so many of my questions already, I am looking forward to some great conversation and maybe one day be a master with the answers (one day).

Have a great one

Welcome to Thunder’s Place Neville. :)

Hi Neville, It is a great place isn’t it? I keep coming back to read more and more. The comments and advice are all really helpful. I’m new too, and jelqing does feel good. So does the warm wrap (I massage my dick a bit when doing this). I’m sure our dicks are grateful for all the attention! I feel mine looks “healthier” already.

Good luck with the growth.

Thanks Armarius, Nice to meet you.
I know what you mean about looking healthier, Mine looks twice as strong.
Love the reading to, so many of my questions have been answered.

I’m finding I have a hard on half the day, starting to wonder what to do with myself,
Can’t cut the top off every hour.

I’ve been going for two months now, really starting to see some changes,
Started with, Length 7” 1/4, Girth 4” 3/20
As you can see, I need girth!
At one month, Length 7” 1/4, Girth 4” 6/20
All good getting the girth I need,
Today, Length 7” 3/4, Girth 4” 3/4
I’m a happy chappy and looking forward to more gains

Hi Neville,

Hey, just realised your across the Tasman Sea! Howdy neighbour! You are having great gains, congrats. I haven’t measured since starting, but will in a couple more weeks. The jelq session is a pleasant experience, and I look forward to it. Had a day off yesterday, but back on today. Are you going to post some pics to mark your progress? You can post them here and someone will move them to the Members Pics area, which is what I did. I’m about 5” 3/4 and just on 5” girth and would love to get up around 7” (where you are) and that would make me a very happy chappy too! All the best.

Neville, I completely agree with you on Jelqing, it’s not so much of a task to me either. I enjoy the exercise and I never feel the hurry to finish. I’ve been doing jelqing on and off for a year now and have about 15 weeks collectively in total PE time with gains of 0.70” EL and 0.10” EG.

I now have started Pumping with Power Jelq sets (pump 15mins + Power Jelq 100 slow strokes for 2 sets) and I’m hoping this helps increase my girth gains.

Also I noticed decondition breaks are great for fighting those plateaus after the quick newbie gains, so I currently started doing 6 weeks on and 2 weeks off to fully heal and decondition.

Great job on your current gains!

Get in where ya fit in.

Armaruis, gidday mate, how’s it going? Nice to know there’s someone else down-under.
Good luck with your workout, sound like you really are enjoying the experience as well (nice a)
Enjoy and keep us posted
PS: I’ll have to have a look a your pic’s.

Will get some photo’s done, find it hard (have family around all the time) to find the time. Hopefully in the next week or so.

Hi! TannerSwede; you sound like me and Armaruis, ‘enjoy the experience’ as much as the gains you have /will get.

Good luck with your program, it sounds interesting, I’m not sure about the 6 weeks on & 2 weeks off.
I’m on the standard routine but doing 5 days on 2 days off, finding it fits in with family life and all.

Here’s to a good gaining week
Keep it up.

Thanks Neville, it’s like great minds think alike! And sorry I forgot to add my weekly routine is 5 days ON and 2 OFF then after 6 weeks I’ll decon for 2 weeks then restart.

Get in where ya fit in.

Ok lets all do it together. Ready set go! Lets see who can PE the slowest!

Welcome to TP!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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