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Is It Just Me Please is it in my head


Originally Posted by andgrowing

I don’t think mine is small, but I do believe that most, if not all men, view their units as being smaller than they actually are.

Yeah, until you get an object which is your size, then you ponder “is my dick really that big?”

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I’m sure every man has experienced this at some point. I think it may be some kin of mental glitch, especially for those of us, who, for a long time have believed we are less than average. To find out that you are actually average, or larger than average just doesn’t seem to click in your head. For example, I’m average length, but have a girth of 5.5”. A few girls have told me I’m the thickest guy they’ve been with, BUT I see still see my dick as relatively small.

It’s like looking in your passenger side mirror, except that it’s bigger than it appears :P

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Same here. I’m perhaps just about average, but it looks so small!

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