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Is it in the believing

Is it in the believing

Hi all,

I’ve had fairly good gains after following the newbie routine. I listen to subliminal body change cds when I’m jelqing etc and generally have a “better to be fooled occasionally then suspicious all the time frame of mind”.. And I wondered if fellow PE-ers could post if they had a positive attitude to PE or a negative attitude to PE before starting and what the immediate and long term gains were respectively. Look forward to your replies.

I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant.

I believe attitude and what you tell you body is all important.

I like to watch a certain clip on a certain porn movie that I have because one of the male acters in the movie has the exact size dick I am after. I imagine that cock on the front of me when I am jelqing.

I don’t know if this is one of the reasons but I gained 1/2” in girth in 2 months. I do think it was part of the puzzle.


Yeah visualisation- I can dig that.

I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant.

If anyone is interested I sometimes use a free download audio file from called Bodychange-it’s just music and high pitched thingamajigs that get the brain and body in a receptive state to the changes you want.

I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant.

Thank you Cyrano! I am going to use the color therapy referred to on that site to help my brother who is suffering after major shoulder surgery. Thundersplace Def: A place where men can help other men when they need it most.

Positive attention, intention and expectation can only help you reach any goal…


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