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Is it enough

Is it enough

Hello fellow dick pullers. My question here is I am currently in the newbie routine after a bit of procrastination but am sticking with it. Well I can get two or three good sessions in in a week but I am not sure if that is enough to make a difference. I have a wife and 3 kids so I don’t always get some privacy and I can get away with a couple of stealth stretches and jelqs here and there. But again I am concerned if I am not doing it enough. Thoughts?

Do what you can and see what it does. It might be enough to get some newbie gains. Or it might only get you a better EQ. One way to find out.

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Some is better than none! Maybe look into an ADS.

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I’d do as much as you can sneak in. You don’t want your little kids bustin’ you. Some people gain without a lot of input! If nothing else you are conditioning your dick. The tunica will be firmer than had you never jelqed.

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