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Is it cheating if you straighten the curve to measure


Originally Posted by amar7
Good question bohm, could be true. I personally want to get rid of my curvature with an operation, but unfortunately there is no really satisfying one with low risk and many who get this done, suffer erectyle dysfunction, because nerves get cut etc.

Don’t do surgery, 6 months of hanging followed by ADS for the most part should straighten out the curve.

I don’t think it’s cheating, it’s more a case of putting yourself on an even playing field against guys who are more or less straight. But as fire goat says, what really matters is consistency in measuring over time, not the absolute number. It’s still better to straighten yourself for measurement though, as most exercises (certainly stretching, hanging, jelqing) will tend to straighten out a curve over time, so measuring straight will give you better consistency.

Also, as others have pointed out, a slightly curved dick is probably going to feel bigger to a woman than a straight one. Consider two guys of equal thickness who both measure 6” from base to tip in a straight line, but guy A is 6” dead straight whereas guy B has an upward curve which means he’s really 7” when straightened out. It’s pretty clear which guy actually has more dick and which of them is going to feel bigger to a woman.


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