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Is It better To Hang All At Once Or Break It Up Throughout The Day

Is It better To Hang All At Once Or Break It Up Throughout The Day

Is it better to hang all over your sets at one time ?Or lets say hang 3 sets in the morning 3 sets in the middle and 3 sets before bed.

I do it all at the same time throughout an hour or 2 hour period

Well if you can hang all day long that would be good. I gained about .75 inches from hanging in about six months. But ouch hanging is a real bitch. All that really matters is that you get that sore feeling from your ligs and NEVER let the sore feeling go away. This is the hardest thing to do if your a hanger. No break days. Or just one a week. That sore feeling is there the next day and you will know if your ligs are sore by one little pull on your dick. Hang BTC. That is between the cheeks. It is a weird difficult position to be in so check it out. HANG STRONG HANG LONG and never let it turtle.

And watch your head that is were a lot of force ends up. Your trying to damage the ligs, without causing damage to your head. This is the main reason why I stopped hanging (my helmet) and the fact that I started a 7 x 4.75. Once I got to 7.85 my head was beat up and I am now a clamper.

I’ve gained .5 inches in a little under 3 months just from hanging. I just hang for 10 minutes each time and move up with weight each set till I have too much pain.

Just out of do you guys feel on the performance front with your women if you are ailing from ligament pains and vice versa ? Gains are a definite plus but whats the use if you really cannot satisfy her and you’re in pain most of the time?

I’m not sure that I really understand what you are asking hrmdk

I don’t hardly ever get any soreness in my ligs, just my tunica

Well during my hanging time I had no steady girl. Good thing cause it took over my life. When I was a hanger I tried to get my lig gains from the upper ligs. The ones attached to your pubic bone. I didn’t want to get gains from the tunica because I thought it would toughen up the tunica and make my girth gains harder to get. Girth gains is what I really want and I wanted about an inch of length before I started girth.

On the performance thing hrmdk. I don’t know. Erection power did go down but I could still fuck. Jelqing and warm ups combat the damage from the hanger.

2 hours of hangtime a day killed my erections, but jelqing brought them back. Make sure you don’t strictly do a hanging w/o some girth work. Kegeling is also of course very helpful for keeping your wood. I hung 7-8 hours per week and got 3/4” gain in about 6 months or so. I hung six 20 min. sessions back to back. It’s a hell of a tiem committment with the 10 min breaks, but it works.

Started Nov. 2004 at 7x5

Currently: 8 3/8" x 5 1/2" (BPEL x MSG)

Some guys seem to be able to hang without a lot of erection problems, despite a fairly intensive hanging routine.

Not so for others, this includes me to a degree. I am in the process of getting some ED meds to counter act this. So I don’t have situations where performance is a problem/embarrassment.

Originally Posted by thal
Well during my hanging time I had no steady girl. Good thing cause it took over my life.

I am not seeing anyone exclusively either, right now. And a hanging routine that should produce gains, would be time consuming and present problems for free time or a serious relationship (unless the guy’s g/f or partner knew about his PE, my g/f didn’t).

I am not hanging at the moment. But I probably will get back into it when all signs, and schedule, is a go.

BigSack01 good advice. I did like one day of clamping a week. Or brief manual clamps after a workout. Hanging beats up on your warrior but makes his striking distance greater.

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