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is it bad to sit like this

is it bad to sit like this

hi there everyone. I recently sat on the place somewhere between the testicles and anus(leaning forward) while having an erection. Sitting like this seems to push more blood into your penis. I noticed after I did this my flaccid hang is not as good as it used to be. I did this a lot before i started jelqing and it never caused this problem but now after i have started jelqing i think now it is causing some side effects. Funny, it has been a year since i last jelqued. can anyone help me out with any opinions? Thank you

p.s. i have asked this on some other forums but i thought i would get your advice also because I still do not think i have figured this out. It has been several weeks since i last sat that way

royjentune, take care of the grammar of your posts please.

Flaccid hang is very variable for a number of factors.


Very dangerous. This is the primary cause of ED in younger men. There is an artery (the perineum) that runs between your balls and your anus that if it gets damaged by sitting on it will give you permanent ED. I know because it happened to me! Luckily it wasn’t totally dead but I had to see the world expert to find out what the problem was (Dr. Irwin Goldstein, in San Diego). I thought it was from PE but it wasn’t. It was from sitting on the edge of a toilet doing PE. NIGHTMARE!! The only option to fully regain normal erections is a bypass surgery where they graft a new artery in from somewhere else - I didn’t want to have surgery because it doesn’t have a 100% success rate and so I just take a small dose of Viagra (like 25 mgs) and am fine now. Just watch out where you sit, seriously! That’s where he developed the warning about men riding bicycles with too narrow of a seat because it puts too much pressure on the perineum. This should actually be a warning as a sticky or in the newbie routine to warn anyone who does PE that this can happen.

Here is the link:…ion-a-real-risk

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