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Is it bad for me

Is it bad for me

Now then, just wondering here.
Some guides says that beginner should exercise like this:
1 day on / 1 day off

Then more days after awhile

Now I’m just wondering, does it harm or do something bad for my cock
If I start straight like routine of:
3days on / 1 day off

Not per se, it really depends on the program, i.e. hanging 20lbs for an hour as a newbie… yeah, thats bad for you! lol

Did you check out the newbie routine?

I think 3 days on and 1 day off is fine. What is more important right now for you is (1) what exercises you do and (2) the level of intensity at which you do them. Start with the “newbie” exercises—jelqing and stretching, etc.—and begin by doing these at low intensity for shorter periods of time. The goal right now is to condition your unit to this type of activity. Then you can begin increasing the time and intensity. Down the road some, you can begin adding “intermediate” and then “advanced” exercises. Read up on the newbie routine here, and on a lot of the threads directed to beginners. There is a lot of good advice available.

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