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Is head girth actually useful?


My current mid-shaft girth is 5.25” but my head girth is 6”. I’ve been complimented numerous times on my head size. Some have found it too big to be slid in and out and prefer that I keep it deep.

Most recently, a large black female masseuse was really taken back by it. I’m only 5’4” so I’m sure it looks even bigger on me.

A big head is good; think about it like a honeysuckle with the little stamen or whatever being pulled through the stem. But of course the bigger and fatter it is along the shaft and everything else creates the most pressure so that is ideal. But if you’ve got a nice big unit, and a bigger head, that certainly isn’t a bad thing!


Well, these things all sound pretty positive. The way I’d been thinking about it, I’d assume that the head would kinda stretch out the part of the vagina that it was penetrating and result in the shaft behind it having less of a girth effect. I guess it’s possible the vagina is more capable of clinging to the surface than that, I can’t tell by feel and I don’t know the mechanics of the vagina wall well enough!

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Originally Posted by R Dopa
I’ve not heard that one yet Norsey, but that sounds like good news!

Well, not for me.. I’m 5.3 midshaft too, but my glans is slightly smaller, not bigger. One of the reasons I don’t feel too bad about it is the “easier blowjobs” argument..

Originally Posted by Dick Rivers
I think It is better to have a medium head (5.5 inch) and a big girth (6 inch)
The blow job are less difficult for the female’s jaw and she can thus make it longer and without cramps.
I love receiving a long blow job.
At the same time be have a big girth is really more pleasant for the penetration.

I am of the same opinion, but that doesn’t mean that I do not want a large head, it should all be within reason. But to answer the original question my girlfriend loves it when she can feel my head hit the back wall of her, and I would only assume that the more head I have the better.

Yes, BJs can be more trouble with a large head but it hasn’t stopped me getting them. The positive comments I’ve received for the size of my glans has made me happy to have it!

A friend of mine mentioned that she likes the feeling of the mushroom head popping in and out during doggy.

I would imagine another bonus is the visual as opposed to the kinesthetic aspect. She feels like she’s taking in more even if, functionally speaking, it gets squished down to a greater extent that the shaft.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

It’s funny that you guys say that having a smaller head makes blow jobs easier. I’m about 5.3-5.5” mid-shaft girth (depending on the day) and the only place I ever have trouble with teeth grazing my cock while getting head is on the shaft. It seems to me that blow jobs would be easier for a guy with a thinner shaft, regardless of how big their head was (up to a certain point, of course).

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My fiance loves my head. I’m right at 6.50 around the glans.

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Is op still around, he went from avg to monster in 2 years. Incredible!


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