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Is hanging a must for long term results

Is hanging a must for long term results

Hey all, I’ve been here awhile (well.not TOO long) but haven’t posted until now..

Question: Do I HAVE to hang or use devices for good results? I don’t really feel comfortable with the idea.

I mean, I’ve gotten .25” -.50” in length Since I have started Jelqing, and until a week ago haven’t been really consistent.
Will I hit a certain point where I have to use them, or can I just slowly increase my routine and continue on that way?

Has anyone heard of people getting good results WITHOUT using pumps or hangers or other devices?

Sorry if I seem jumbled, I’m really sleepy ^_^

Every routine/device is good if you are consistent with it and increase the tension/minutes/etc progressively.

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Keep on doing newbie routine till you reach plateau and did not have any gains at all for a long time. After that, you can start more advanced exercise like hanging and clamping if you want. :)

That is what I did so far, I did have good gains with just newbie routine before, but then I reach plateau, so I start hanging now.

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I elected, after much research, and several failed attempts with jelqing to go for hanging with Vac Hanger II. Very comfortable and easy to get two hours in a day with 4Kg. I use a pulley on a door handle and use lots of directional hanging: BTC, SO, left, right etc. Hoping to up to 5kg in a week or two. No measurements for a while but flaccid hang is certainly longer

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In my opinion, I think you’re much more likely to realize substantial gains by eventually going to hanging and clamping (or other advanced techniques). I just don’t really hear of lots of people gaining multiple inches via exclusively manual stretching/jelqing.

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