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Is Girth Or Length Better


Length is for show, girth is for go! At this point, I’d like more girth. I’m pretty happy with my length at a little under 8”. I’d like to get my girth up to an even 6”.

Originally Posted by nwa6
Ok I’m 7 inch in length nbp(not bone pressed) I don’t understand why you would do the other one basically 7inch’s of my penis can go into the vagina haha and I’m 5 inch’s in erect girth I don’t know if anyone else is like this but my whole penis has a 5 inch girth same at the base and mid the only thing is that my head is a lil smaller not to much tho I just want an inch of girth everywhere maybe an inch and a half who knows but I’m clamping just at the base with a cable clamp I do 3 10 min sets with 10 minutes in between

Actually, you can use pretty much all of it til you hit bone. Fat compresses.

Originally Posted by sta-kool
On BPELThat is an excellent explanation, CubanB.— In “real world” sex if you go balls deep in some positions you are most likely delivering “near BPEL”, as your fat pad compresses against your partner’s body.

To elaborate on what CubanB said, BPEL is very useful for tracking your PE gains and adjusting your routine.

Basically BPEL is a “scientific” measurement.

BPEL is a technical measurement - its purpose is for tracking PE gains (or lack of gains) so you can adjust your routine.

NBPEL isn’t any good for tracking PE gains because it doesn’t take into account fluctuations in fat pad. That can vary even daily! (how much water did you drink today? did you eat a ham sandwich and a bag of doritos? Lots of salt, your fat pad is bigger!)

For example, My fat pad seems to vary between 1/3 and 1/2, sometimes it will be as low as 1/4. So it is useful for me to try to eliminate the fat pad variable with a BPEL measurement. I want to measure penis not fat, so I can see how I am doing.

Not only certain positions. you can use almost all your BPEL from nearly any position if you thrust the right way, using your lower pelvic area powered by your ass muscles. It rotates your lower hips forwards and in at a different angle, often allowing you to “thrust around” obstructions and getting maximum penetration.


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