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Is flacid length really important to anyone


Is flacid length really important to anyone

Just thought id ask because I don’t give a crap about to be honest,I know the only reason ill be taking my pants off in front of anyone is to bang and if it’s got to that stage ill be hard already.I pe for erect length and girth but I suppose if anyones sporty then the shower room would be the place to want flacid gains?

I’d like to have flaccid gains along with EL and EG. I just think it looks good.


You and I have the exact same starting stats. What’s your exercise and how long you been PE’ing? Thanks


I agree with you killy.

I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind being a show’er lol. As long as it’s proportional.

Started 14-Feb-05 BPFL = 4" BPEL = 6.5" EG = 4 1/2"

Hi killy,

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I also don’t care about flaccid, although when I’m hanging daily I do sport much larger average flaccid size.

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I obviously care about my flaccid size. I heard that women love to see a big flaccid hang, and they love checking out your bulge.

Unfortunately I’m a grower so my flaccid size is rather small to average so women tend to get a false view on my dick.

Motivations: - The smile on your girlfriends face when she pulls it out - You never have to hear "DEEPER!" (and if you can) - Getting to see a mouth stretched around your cock and 2 hands req to work it - All of your girlfriends girlfriends knowing your big - Knowing you're the biggest she's been with and she'll always remember you in her life - Watching pornos and being so unimpressed

That’s exactly what I’m talking about. When like to see a big flaccid hang and they also like to check out your bulge. It certain ways, if you have a good bulge, women suspecting you have a big member can be as gratifying as having one. Even if it’s not quite as big as they might suspect. Besides, if you’re not going to be having sex with them that’s about as good as it’s going to get.

You are not going to be constantly hard around an individual you are going to “bang”. Just a thought.

You’re flaccid almost your whole life.

I’d say it matters.

Originally Posted by luka4967
You and I have the exact same starting stats. What’s your exercise and how long you been PE’ing? Thanks

Luka, when I took my first measures BP, the results fluctuated between 6.5-7”, approximately. I chose to post 6.5’ initially. I haven’t claimed any increase “officially”, because I am not absolutely confident about the precision of my measures due to my thick fat pad. Anyway, I estimate my gains in about 3/8” in length. Girth is another story, I gained about .25”, of that I’m sure. I have 7,5 months on PE.

The newbie routine with gradual increases in volume and intensity, squeezes, Ulis and Horses, plus pumping for 10-15 min sets at 5”hg is pretty much what I do. 5 days on, 2 off. I don’t recommend any high intensity, high pressure exercise at the beginning. Condition your penis, build up tissue resistance, before you attempt any advance technique. Otherwise, you’ll burst many capillaries and veins and compromise your penis health.

Take care,

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout
You’re flaccid almost your whole life.
I’d say it matters.


I would say my primary motivation for spending the time on PE is to make my flaccid length and girth increase. It’s not that I’m very hung—erect I’m about 6.9” ELBP and thinner than I want to be (4.9”). I’d love to have a = 7.5x 5.5 boner, and that’s my goal. But more, I’d love to have a bigger, fatter flaccid cock, which now measures in at about 3.8” x 3.75” and sometimes considerably less, for example, when I’m cold, or after heavy exertion. I’ve always been mortified and embarrassed in shower rooms, saunas or other instances of public nudity, and I’ve always sort of winced looking at myself in the mirror because it just looks too damn small. Oh for five inches of fairly thick flaccid prick — I can’t express how happy I’d be with that. So that’s really my key concern and primary goal.

I’ve only been doing PE for three weeks, but I’m doing it seriously and conscientiously, and guess what—it’s clearly working. My equipment feels a little fatter and generally looks a little bigger, both soft and hard. I think there will be a measurable increase in both length and girth at my first monthly “measure-in” in a few weeks. In any event I’m committed to doing this seriously for at least six months and I think I’m going to get one of my most dearly held lifelong wishes.

I don’t care !

Starting size: BPEL: 7.2"(18,5cm) EG: 5.3"(13,5cm) Andropenis during 7 months (August 2003-March 2004): BPEL: 8.3"(21cm) EG: 5.5"(14cm) Current size: BPEL: 8.5"(21,5cm) EG: 5.7"(14,5cm) Goal: :D BPEL: 9"(23cm) EG: 6.5"(16,5cm)

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