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Is edging after jelqing considered ok

Is edging after jelqing considered ok

It’s something I do, but I hear people say you shouldn’t jerk off after you jelq, do they mean you shouldn’t ejaculate? After I jelq sometimes I feel so stimulated that I’ll edge for 15-20 minutes before hitting the shower. Sorry if this sounds like a newbie question but I’m a guy who worries about the details.

Im not sure if its bad to ejaculate after jelqing but I cant help but edge afterwards.

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Yes, I would consider that a good thing. Keeping your cock enlarged as long as possible is always a good thing. Anything you can do to keep it engorged as long as you can is always good.

I also edge after my jelq sessions, does anybody eles have anything to say about this matter?

Anyone have results from a routine that does this?

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I edge almost every time I jelq and squeeze, but I don’t cum, it’s a great way to train your dick into learning that being touched does not lead to cumming every time.

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I could see this going two ways, either it’s good and it allows the blood to really fill in the freshly worked out penis, or it just overworks the dick and may be akin to over training.

Either that or it just doesn’t make a difference. :-/

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