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Is dry jelqing a good way to gain girth or are there other better ways? Any help

Is dry jelqing a good way to gain girth or are there other better ways? Any help

This might be a bit long so bear with me.

Well I’m a beginner and I have gone into this but I usually forget or don’t make it past a week but maybe that’s because I feel like what I’m doing isn’t working, I have read that it may take months to have gains and hopefully for me I can gain some girth in one month. My girth sits exactly at the average 4.5 and I would feel better if it can reach 5 and not have a loss in girth, I feel length is fine. I want to dry jelq because I feel like I am doing nothing with wet jelqs and I am uncut so I have enough foreskin to do one dry jelq on my penis without stretching it.

I would like to know if this would be a proper way to do it or if there are different ways. I am also worried I would get a negative effect like the baseball bat penis thing I heard about. I am just looking for one exercise to do 3-5 times a week without any mess and hopefully doing this one exercise would give me the gains I am looking for unless anyone has better advice on what to do? Should I do an exercise that does length and girth? Or two different exercises?

Dry jelqs are fine. In one month will be hard to see gains, if not harder erections. There are other exercises for girth, but there isn’t any ‘better for everybody’. I would do some stretches as well, since stretches and jelqs seems to work synergically.

Fezz1234 - What marinera said is true. There is nothing better for everybody. Jelqing is such a good performer I don’t know why we all, as newbies, want to jump to the race by doing more advanced exercises and many get hurt doing them.

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