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Is curved penis felt bigger than straight one with the same volume?

Is curved penis felt bigger than straight one with the same volume?…ay/bullseye.jpg

My penis has strange shape, like one of those g-spot dildos. The shaft is straight, curvature starts 0.5 inch before the head.
I quess it is good for g-spot stimulation so I don’t want to streighten my penise.
I’m courious would my penis be felt “larger” than straight one with the same volume because of shape?

I’m sure it depends on the woman that’s receiving it.

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It’s going to depend on the angle of penetration and how much force you use to thrust. I have a sizable curve I want to get rid of but generally when you thrust “the hard way” and not working with the angle of your glans you force her flesh to open more, as her opening will accommodate your angle. Sort of like trying to push a coin into a slot diagonally only the slot then expands and moans compared to sliding it straight in along the edge (or top of glans tip) as designed.

It’s a good trick in the arsenal to know how to broadside her vagina, curved or not.

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