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Is clamping behind the ball safe

Is clamping behind the ball safe

During my 2weeks clamping experiences,

I noticed that the clamping behind the ball is much more effective than clamping on the shaft even though it’s little bit painful

But, I am worried about my ball is gonna be fucked up .

Is the clamping behind the ball safe?? Has anyone tried BTB clamping over long period?? Or did anyone get injury from it?

BTB clamping is not recommended unless you’re sure you know what you’re doing. I clamp BTB from time to time but NEVER any more than 5 minutes max and only on one click. With all the tubes and spermatic chord etc there is greater risk of fuckup than with regular clamping. If it hurts at all then stop doing it.

Long periods of BTB clamping will only lead to injury in my opinion.

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I am unfamiliar with the details of clamping. But you, too, seem mostly unfamiliar with it and do not know of others’ results with it, at least as you are doing it. With that, I would not clamp behind the balls.

Someone else may contribute, who has greater experience in that kind of clamping. Till then, and till more research atop that, I would not do it. That is not the area to mess with, especially if it hurts, as the above opinion says, because of the cords.

I believe that clamping those cords is what turns a would-be bull instead into a steer. And I would not want to begin a slower process of that.

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Thank you for your advices

BTB clamping is so dangerous huh?

I should quit my btb clamping !

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