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Is caffeine bad for PE

Is caffeine bad for PE

I filled in my beginning database stats the other day. I’m wondering why there’s an entry for caffeine intake? I’ve stopped drinking Mountain Dew to cut down on calories, but since I’ve switched to iced tea, I’m getting more caffeine. I looked for a thread on the subject, but couldn’t find one. Is caffeine bad for PE?

In large amounts it is not really the best thing for you. It really puts a heavy toll on flacid size I believe. Just cut back to an acceptable level of the chemical and all will be cool.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Two pots of coffee and endless Diet Dr. peppers for me, I know this has somewhat of an effect but I am an addict. On the other hand, I can take 25 mg of ephedrine and my dick is “gone’ on vacation for a couple of days, and basically the same effects with diphenhydramine(Benadryl).

I would go nuts without coffee and nicotine. twatteaser, congrats on be an ex-smoker, BTW.


1-2 cups of coffee a day should not be a problem imo.

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O my God!!!

I like coffe so much :(

El Muchacho crece sano y Fuerte :D !!! jejejeje

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