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Is applying heat very important?

Thanks for sharing your story, mister007. For us stealth pe’ers, arranging a source of heat can be a hassle, and it would be easy to skip it when it seems inconvenient. But how inconvenient is it to do months of PE with no gains?

A-unit is right; you can always find a way to get around challenges. In fact, you have to - if you want to succeed.

I think it may be more important for girth work than length, but that is just my opinion.

I have never done a warm up for my stretches, mostly because of privacy and spontaneity of my routine.

Maybe I could have gained faster, but I have gained without it.

Perhaps it’s not something you should add until you need it? :shrug:

Obviously, by reading the previous posts, this is not the popular answer, but it is my experience.

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Heat, heat, heat. It’s used by all athletes. It must be good for something, right? I remember reading a post like Wadzilla mentioned. It explained in detail whay you want to use heat and what it does for the elasticity of your tendons, etc. I think it is safe and sound advice from those posting above. Try to work it in your routine. I miss off and on when I’m rushed but I always come back to preheat. I love the hot tub because then I can follow up with weight lifting & curling etc. Good luck in whatever your choice is.

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Regarding PE I am simply a newbie, but if the techniques used to stretch muscles can be used to PE then I am inclined to say that heat has an important role.
By warming-up soft tissues to be stretched by the application of local heat you may increase their extensibility and may decrease the risk of injury from stretching. Not only that, but also makes the tissues to relax and be more easily lengthen with less discomfort.

There are studies that show that heat combined with stretching produces greater long-term gains in tissue length than stretching alone. And there are studies showing that those differences are insignificant.

Taking that into consideration I gotta say I prefer to warp-up before stretching. The issue is that after warming-up my penis tends to get erected and makes it difficult to stretch. Perhaps, I could try to stretch without warming-up first, but paying attention to signals like pain to prevent injuries. Maybe this is the only way I have to stretch it because everytime I use heat and stretch my penis I have an erection. I also know that the stretching itself increases the blood flow.

One more thing I’d like to add is that some studies have demonstrated that “cooling soft tissues in a lengthened position after stretching has been shown to promote more lasting increases in soft tissue length and minimize post stretch muscle soreness. So, it is suggested to “apply cold to the soft tissues that have been stretched and allow these structures to cool in a lengthened position. Cold may minimize poststretch muscle soreness that can occur as the result of microtrauma during stretching. When soft tissues are cooled in a lengthened position, increases in ROM** are more readily maintained”.

Well, that is what works for the others muscles of the body, but what if all that knowledge is applicable to PE?
And I guess it might be. I know nothing of what I said is new for everyone here. I already read lots of post saying this things I mentioned above.
But it is worth it to bring it up once in a while. ;-)

**ROM = range of motion
Source: Therapeutic Exercise, 5th ed., Kisner & Colby 2007.

Well, as a senior athlete, I will tell you that cold days are difficult on the soccer field and I’m sure that the dick is no different when taken for a run.

I stretched for my first year sitting in a hot bath and got great results. Now I’m doing a jelq only routine with hot water and soap, and as the dick gets warmer the stretching and blood flow increases dramatically.

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I’ll have to start taking my warm-ups more seriously.

I am pretty new to all this, but I have experienced some really noticeable EQ improvements over the course of my short PE experience - admittedly starting from a bad baseline. I’m not sure, but I wonder if heat isn’t a significant part of this.

For me the heat is really relaxing (at least if I don’t nuke the rice a little too long), so I’ll generally apply heat for a good 5-10 minutes before manual PE. This really seems to enhance blood flow. I haven’t always applied warm down heat, but I’ve been a little better about it lately. Also, after my OTHER workout at the gym, I’ve been apply a steaming hot wrap (frequently reheated) for about 5 minutes, before tucking my fatter-(and redder)-than-normal unit into my boxer briefs. Maybe its just the PE itself, but I can’t helping thinking that all this weenie roasting is contributing to EQ improvements.

Yes, very.

That said, while somewhat warmer may be a bit “better”, you can improvise adapt and overcome— I found my best gains correlated with mild sleep fowfers, and I’ve come to conclude it was the warmth more than the almost nonexistent stretch.

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Yeah I feel that heating up with my rice sock is crucial to a good workout. I wonder more if heat AFTER a workout makes as much of a difference? It’s usually inconvenient for me to head back downstairs, fire up the rice sock in the microwave, then head back upstairs, then reapply the sock. And somewhere in there clean off the grape-seed oil so as not mess the reheated rice sock up. Besides, I do like leaving some of the oil on afterwards as I feel it helps keep my foreskin soft and pliable. Thoughts on the necessity of the warm-down?

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Originally Posted by Kjdeet

Luckily a hot shower can’t burn your house :D

Does a shower count as a heat source I exercise in the shower but would I have to hold it close to my penis for 5 mins or jump straight in and start tugging my member?

Warm down is far less important than warm up.

I know lots of guys like the shower, but in my opinion while it’s much better than nothing, it’s not nearly as good as a rice sock/gel pad/IR lamp etc.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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I’m convinced heat before and during PE is very important. The question I wonder about is how much FIR heat is than regular infrared and heatpads. FIR lamps are very expensive, but perhaps they are worth it? It would be nice to hear feedback from people who have tried FIR.

I love IR, but the type of heat is ultimately irrelevant; the only important thing is that the tissue temperature is raised to a point where it offers less resistance. IR of any kind is great because it penetrates well and is not messy. But any source of damp heat penetrates very effectively as well.

The only heat that is not worthwhile is from things like blower heaters, that just heat the surface tissues and barely penetrate at all, or that would cook the penis by the time the heat got into the deeper tissues. All IR is good for our purposes.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Originally Posted by firegoat
All IR is good for our purposes.

Isn’t it dangerous for the testicles or for the eyes?

Originally Posted by scarsick

Isn’t it dangerous for the testicles or for the eyes?

Try not to spend much time looking directly into it, just as you would not look straight into any other bulb - it’s very bright.

Pull your underpants down so that they still cover your testicles, then tuck a folded white paper towel into the waist band of your underpants to reflect the light back at the underside of your penis and to protect your testicles. That way you already have a paper towel about for after-jelqing clean ups, or you can tear bits off it to help you with your stretching grip. :D


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