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Is all of this normal for a jelqing beginner

Is all of this normal for a jelqing beginner

I recently started jelqing about a week and a half ago. I start with a warm up of about 10 minutes, jelq for 15 minutes, and warm down for another 10 minutes. I do this 2 days on 1 day off. I recently became concerned with a couple things post session. One thing I became concerned with is a hard flaccid unit. After I finish a session, I will get a nice hang for about 30 minutes, then it becomes hard while flaccid. This goes on and off through out the day after my session. Also I notice my unit has a slight ache to it. Nothing too serious, but its lasting. I did a session at 3 p.m. Today and it is now 11:30 and I feel a very slight ache.

I am seeing no further problems, no redness, nothing to worry about but the ones listed above. Should I maybe start with 5 or 10 minute sessions for a week or 2 until I feel I should move up? Or is this normal and I am doing the right thing.


Do not worry. I think this is a sign that you are doing a little too much. Jelq a little less as you mention and then see how it goes.

Good luck.:)

Okay. First of all, Hard flaccid is not a good sign. Take a break 1 week off, Then if you still have a hard flaccid, you must see a doctor. After the one week off, if you see you’re self doing good, and every thing back to normal, keep doing the 10 minutes, but get a lighter grip, not hard. Because it seems to me that you’re grip is hard. What you’re doing now is you’re just adjusting you’re penis to the pressure, too fast or too hard won’t help. Just make sure you’re pushing blood upward, and all will be good. I think hard flaccid is due to a broken vein. And this due to a very hard grip while jelqing. That’s why we advice every one to follow instructions, and to read the jelqing 101. Any way if you have hard flaccid for 30 minutes up to 3 4 hours, Then you’re issue is not serious, and this is just a semi erection. But if you’re flaccid hard on lasted for a days then you must see a doctor as soon as possible. Jelqing is not dangerous at all, no matter how much people talk. You must follow instructions, very hard grip will put you on the bench, not on the progress line. Update me about what happened with you, Have a good time.

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Don’t worry about seeing a doctor,how’s your erection? can you get to 100%? counting your jelqs will help you keep track of how many your doing,you might be doing to many to soon.

What exactly is this hard flaccid I keep hearing about? When you are the same hardness when flaccid as erect? After I PE, I wouldn’t say my flaccid is hard, but it isn’t as spongy as pre-PE. It is just temporarily less spongy for 30 minutes or so. I’m assuming this is what OP is talking about and not the extreme/injury case which whynotbig is implying.

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