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Is a little better than nothing

Is a little better than nothing

I’ve been on the newbie routine for 4 months, and started a little more advanced exercises, nothing crazy. I do PE for about an hour day, about 4-5 days a week depending on my schedule. In a couple of weeks, my schedule is going to change dramatically and I will be working 14 hour days. I’m scared I won’t have the time to continue PE and I’m just starting to see some gains. Is it better to do a little bit when possible? Or, are there any fast exercises that can still give results? I’m worried that these four months will go to waste.

You masturbate don’t you? Well just substitute PE workouts for beating off.

When I was in your situation I split my routine up. I would do stretches in morning. I would do jelqs in the evening. I gained doing that.

A wombat that speaks? Amazing! Seriously though, I assume you’ll be sleeping normal hours? Unless you’re working some sort of graveyard shift. Just go to bed later than you normally would. Use some of that time instead for PE. I don’t know the details of your schedule though and thus cannot speak to the feasibility of that option.

You can always sneak in some dry jelqs if your pretty jammed up on time.

You can also do some stuff like All-Day Stretcher, cock ring, anti-turtle stuff or whatnot. You’ll be fine, dude. By the way, you can make gains from 20 minutes every other day, so don’t worry too much.



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